Any school or organisation that would like to run their own project on safe driving is welcome to apply to us for a grant to help with any costs incurred.


We are pleased to be able to offer a digital pack, that can be downloaded for free. This includes the Driving With Grace lesson plan, which was written by the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service.


As well as educating young people about the responsibilities of driving, we also raise funds to help the victims of bad driving. Thank you for your support.


We set up the Driving with Grace campaign in memory of Eleanor Grace McGrath, who sadly died due to the action of a young, careless driver.
There are two sides of our campaign:

The first is to make young drivers aware of the consequences of dangerous driving and how no-one is invincible.

Secondly, we focus on raising money for those effected by road incidents.


Eleanor lived in Southend-on-Sea with her mum, dad and brother Richard. She loved spending time with her family and friends. She enjoyed school and was honoured to be selected as Head Girl at her primary school, Thorpedene, before attending Southend High School for Girls from 2005. She loved sport, especially hockey in which she excelled. She enjoyed dancing, shopping and laughing as well as watching her favourite bands, such as Take That and the Spice Girls. Her laugh was infectious and she was an excellent mimic – of both celebrities and those people closer to home! She had a wonderful circle of friends and it was whilst out with her friends, celebrating a birthday, that her life was brought to an abrupt end at the age of 14.